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Document location example
Document location example

Document location example

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document location example

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Display the href (URL) of the current page: "Page location is " + window.location.href; The window.location.assign() method loads a new document. This property Example. Oct 15, 2014 - This means that you can work with document.location as if it were a string in most cases: document.location = '' is a Example. The result of x will be: One example is doing a JavaScript redirect: The location that the document was loaded from (window.location),Or see the example near the bottom, they only use window.location but that Aug 16, 2011 - For example: window.location.href example: window.location.href = ''; //Will take you to Google. May 25, 2010 - up vote 2 down vote favorite. A full or relative <input type="button" onClick="document.location.href=''" /> For example, you could change the input to: May 28, 2009 - Keep in mind that the javascript's window.location object gives you all of that information about the window's. Value. example: <head> <title> Using the href property of the Location object</title> </head> <body> function show(){ document.location.href =""; } --> Mar 21, 2009 - Indicates the URL of the current document. Return the entire URL (of the current page): var x = location.href;. document.location = "products/widget33.html";. How do you use document.location? Can you give me some sample code with a button and a link to google? Jun 4, 2009 - I've seen both window.navigate and document.location used. Example.
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